SpecExp Calculator

the best android calculator

With best features for calculator

  1. Intuitive input.

  2. Saving expressions.

  3. Select, copy, cut, paste for expressions.

  4. Pinch-To-Zoom.

  5. Copy answer.

  6. Showing result as decimal or fraction.

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  • ♡ Cute, simple, yet stylish interface. I'd love to use it anywhere so the floating calculator is really helpful.

    Quintana Burges

  • The best calculator App , Now also with the floating widget

    Mitesh Lacy

  • Good calculator It's a simple calculator !

    Bree Childress

  • Works great! Works great, much simpler, yet more powerful interface than the stock calculator! You won't be disappointed!

    Frame Andrew

  • Its nice, simple, effective, compact, and has every math term that I need for algebra. Honestly best calculator I have,, I recommend it everyone!

    Naren Mcrobbie

  • A handy and useful calculator for everyday life!

    Shakoor Oversby Obersby

We have answers for next questions!

How to select expression?

Long click and drag your finger on screen or use "Select argument" from menu.

How to change matrix size?

Use "row+" for adding row and "row-" for remove row. It adds row after row, which holds cursor. Similar for columns use "col+" and "col-".

How to select all expression on redactor?

Change cursor position to end or to begin of expression and click to "Select argument" from menu.

How to convert from one base to another?

By repeating base conversion command. First base will be current base and second will be converting base.

How to disable advertising?

You can download paid version. There are no advertising.

Can I use "i, e, pi" as variable from sum, prod, limit operations?

Yeah, you can.

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